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Ready to Buy a House, But Not Sure Where to Start?

Here is your 5-step plan for becoming a home buyer in this crazy market! Step 1 Get a comprehensive picture of your finances. Sit down with pen & paper and go over your current income vs. expenses. After subtracting any expenses that will go away when you move to a new house, determine how much […]


Finding Your Dream Home, A How To Guide

House hunting can be challenging, especially in a seller’s market when there are more buyers then homes available.  Assuming a home is priced right and well marketed, it will sell very quickly, and as a buyer you need to be ready to jump on an opportunity when it presents itself. You should know what you want, […]


Market Update Monday: Southeast Michigan Real Estate

President of Brokerage Services, Dan Elsea, Provides us with this weeks Market Update Monay. “The biggest influence on real estate so far this year has been the weather, not the economy (which has fortunately remained stable). The snow and cold have put a significant damper on customer and showing appointments. The good news is that […]


Market Update: Important Interest Rate Info

As we have predicted, mortgage rates have now begun their incline. Conventional & VA loan rates have gone up as much as 1% in the last month. Rising interest rates means current buyers can afford less than they could a month ago, buyers entering the market may not be able to get the house they […]


Save over $100,000 buying a house!!

Save over $100,000 buying a house! Limited Time Offer – Will Not Last   You may keep hearing the words “Sellers’ Market”, but don’t let it discourage you! While it is currently a sellers’ market, it is the beginning of the sellers’ market, and that only means prices will continue to go up from here. […]


Oakland County Market Update

As you know, most of the country is showing significant real estate market improvements. Michigan in particular has done very well so far this year. But lets focus on Oakland County. Oakland County, one of the most affluent counties in the state of Michigan, has seen great improvements for 2013. The county is home to […]